How To Measure

Measure for curtains is so much easier than what you might think, you can be a window expert by applying the 2 steps below. There are only 2 measurements we need to provide perfect match custom made curtains.

Step 1. Please measure the window rod/track width.

For the best result, your curtain track or pole should be positioned approximately 15cm (6") higher than the window, and be wider than your window by 15-20cm (6-8") either side.

Curtain Track

Measure its full length, end to end. Measure the rod length, not including the finials (the decorative pieces on the end).

Curtain Rod

To get a soft gathered look when your curtains are closed, use your rod or track measurements as a starting point and multiply 2 (e.g. rod width is 2 meters, curtain width is 2x2=4 meters)

Step 2. drop from top of rod to desired length

Curtain track

Measure from the top of the track to your desired end point.

Curtain rod

Measure from the top of the rod to your desired end point.

Exceptions to this rule: If you intend to hang pleat with hooks curtains on rod, and want to make a feature of the rod, measure from the eye of the curtain ring.

Step 3. Quotation

Please Contact us with online chat message or [email protected] for a quote or go to for an instant online quote.