130ML Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser Cool Mist Air Humidifier Aromatherapy Fragrant Vaporizer

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Name:Wood Grain Air Humidifier
Color:Deep Wood Grain/Light Wood Grain/White Wood Grain
Lighting Effect:lantern
Voltage:DC 5V
Materials:ABS plastic
Application Area:10-20 square meters
Water Tank Capacity:130ML
Cool mist come out from air humidifier, eshtablish a healthy lifestyle for yourselves and familys, you can relax or do a Spa or Yoga when you have leisure with it, the humidifier will help to refresh air and moisturise your skin. 
Perfect for small to medium sized rooms, such as, bedrooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, or lounge areas. 
Keep your living space humid and live healthy lifestyle with fresher air.
Maintenance instruction
Regularly clean the water tank and Change cotton swabs, you must add the spring wire with the cotton swabs, because there will no mist come out if without the spring wire. please clean the atomizer plate with medical alcohol regularly.
1. We recommend only using purified water. Unfiltered water will block the vaporizer.
2. We recommend using essential oils.
3. Wet the cotton sponge first or the diffuser will not work properly. You might have to wait 1-3 minutes for the fog to appear for your first time use.
Package Included
1 x Wood Grain Air Humidifier
1 x USB Cable
1 x Sponge Strip
1 x Manual