Cocktail Shaker 22pcs Set Boston Maker

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  • Cocktail set have all essential tools, Contains 1x 550ml cocktail shaker maker, 1x cocktail muddler, 1x strainer, 2x Jigger(15/30ML, 30/45ML), 2x bend straw, 2x straw with spoon, 1x opener, 2x stopper, 2x pourrers, 1x ice tongs, 1x whiskey stones tongs, 4x whiskey stones, 1x cocktail spoon, 1x straw brush.
  • Our barware sets has 4 whiskey stones, you don't worry the ice cubes melt will be down the flavor of your drink any more. The Whiskey Stones with smooth and round edges and the cubes won't scratch your glass or hurt you during drinking.
  • All tools are made of stainless steel clean non stain tools crafted cocktail bar set as used by the PRO cocktail mixers, prevents from absorption and discoloration,guaranteed for durability. 


  • Material:Stainless Steel

Package Content:

  • 1x 550ml cocktail shaker maker
  • 1x cocktail muddler
  • 1x strainer
  • 2x Jigger(15/30ML, 30/45ML)
  • 2x bend straw
  • 2x straw with spoon
  • 1x opener
  • 2x stopper
  • 2x pourrers
  • 1x ice tongs
  • 1x whiskey stones tongs
  • 4x whiskey stones
  • 1x cocktail spoon
  • 1x straw brush