Double Headed Sheet Metal Cutting Nibbler Drill Attachment Metal Cutter Tool

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1. Perfect for car repair and house maintenance like metal roof cutting, HVAC vent pipe and other metal sheets
2. Universal cutting accessories for round and Straight cutting, available for different cutting shapes.
3. Cutter head can be positioned 360 degrees.
4. No any burrs at the cutting edges.
5. No distortion to material.
6. Safe to touch, easy to work with.
7. Powered by a Hand Drill - no additional power source needed.
1. Model: B14355
2. Material: Alloy
3. Color: Silver+Orange
4. Type: Double metal sheet cutter
5. Min cutting diameter: 24mm
6. Power source: electric or pneumatic drill with speed of 1500-300rpm
7. Allow cutting thickness
Ordinary iron plate: 1.8mm
Stainless steel plate: 1.2mm
Copper, aluminum plate: 2mm
Plastic plywood cart: 2mm
The operating requirements and accessories replacement method:
1. Digging of the cutter head is especially important for cutting aluminum plates.
2. Open the drill first and then cut it. At the end, exit the drill and turn off the drill.
3. When cutting, the incision of the cutter bar must be perpendicular to the workpiece to be cut to prevent the cutter from breaking.
4. Arbor replacement: Open the cover, remove the lock nut, loosen the set screw, use the pliers to pull out the holder, reinstall the holder, and tighten the screw.
5. Tool holder replacement: Unscrew the compression cap counterclockwise and replace with a new one. 
Package Include
1 x Double-head sheet metal nibbler
1 x Plastic Handle
1 x Replacement cutting head
1 x Replacement cutting blade
1 x Wrench
1 x Box